Norton Residents Sick Of Dirty, Brown Water

Norton Residents Sick Of Dirty, Brown Water.
NORTON (CBS) — Residents say it is a nasty fact of life: faucet water in Norton is brown.
Bath time at Penny Heida’s Norton home is hit or miss.
You can’t bathe with it, or you better hope that you are having a good day before you take a shower,” Heida added.
Across town, it is a good day at Cathi Charlton’s.
Norton gets its water from town wells.
The town says the solution is a new treatment plant that will remove the iron and manganese.
Heida and Charlton said they don’t believe a new treatment facility will solve the problem, though.
They think the town’s pipes need to be replaced.
But Norton’s Water Superintendent insists the pipes are not causing the brown water.

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