NRCS program may help Klamath County farmers amid drought

As Klamath County, Ore., farmers and ranchers prepare for drought, the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service is offering financial assistance for mitigating wind erosion on highly vulnerable soils.
Oregon Gov.
Kate Brown declared a drought emergency for Klamath County on March 13, which officials predict could result in economic losses exceeding $557 million.
Meanwhile, the NRCS is encouraging producers to apply for funding through the Environmental Quality Incentives Program, or EQIP, to plant a small grain cover crop that will protect against erosion.
The potential for wind erosion increases during a drought, due to the lack of available irrigation water.
EQIP funding is only available for farmers and ranchers with highly erodible soils.
Seeding will be reimbursed at $41.90 per acre.
A spokeswoman for the Bureau of Reclamation in Klamath Falls said there is still no start date or water allocation set for basin irrigators.
The document is due March 23, and a hearing date may be held April 4 or April 11.
For more information about EQIP, contact Ferguson at the NRCS in Klamath Falls at 541-887-3503.

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