Nursery ordered to improve as children have no access to drinking water

An Ofsted inspector also found the quality of teaching to be weak at Music Box nursery in Salisbury Street, and that communication with parents was not always effective.
Inspector Trish Turney visited the Music Box at the start of February and published her findings this week.
She said in her report: "Children do not receive the support they need to make progress in their learning, particularly in their communication and language development.
They do not develop confidence or learn to participate in activities for long periods of time.
They have little motivation to play and learn.
"Children do not gain the key skills to help prepare them for the next stage of their learning or eventual move to school."
Temperature She added: "Staff do not always implement effective measures to keep children safe.
The premises are not always secure.
Unauthorised persons can enter the building and the nursery rooms without staff’s knowledge.
The temperature in the nursery is too low and staff do not ensure children have regular access to drinking water."

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