NY Senate GOP wants $8 billion for clean water projects

The plan includes a $5 billion bond for clean water projects and the creation of a new institute of public health experts, scientists and state officials that would set standards to address water contaminates.
The Senate and Assembly are both scheduled to pass budgets this week and must negotiate a budget compromise before April 1.
Creation of a New $5 Billion Clean Water Bond Act To help begin making real progress in addressing the state’s ongoing infrastructure crisis, the Senate is proposing a new $5 billion Clean Water Bond Act.
The Bond Act would provide critical funds for many different types of projects to prevent contamination that endangers public health and safety, clean up pollution, protect water sources, and promote the growth of the economy through infrastructure investment.
Support for the Proposed $2 Billion for Clean Water Infrastructure The proposal of a $5 Billion Bond Act is in addition to the Senate’s support of $2 billion allocated in the Executive Budget.
Establishment of a New Drinking Water Quality Institute A new Drinking Water Quality Institute is proposed by the Senate to address emerging contaminants affecting water supplies.
Creation of the Emerging Contamination Monitoring Act To help better protect public health and establish safety thresholds for drinking water contaminants, the Senate proposal establishes the Emerging Contamination Monitoring Act.
Support for $300 Million Environmental Protection Funding The Senate’s budget proposal continues the state’s record commitment to the protection of natural resources by concurring with the $300 million proposed in the Executive Budget for the Environmental Protection Fund.
Continued Funding for the Water Quality Infrastructure Investment Program For the past two years, Senate Republicans succeeded in securing additional funding above the Executive Budget proposal for critical water and environmental infrastructure improvements in the final budget.
Continued Funding for Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds The Senate’s budget proposal continues support for state-administered programs that continue providing low-cost financing and grants for the construction of water system projects and drinking water improvements in disadvantaged communities.

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