Oklahoma City no longer in a drought

Well it has been for Oklahoma City, as the metro is now longer in drought conditions.
Now technically, Oklahoma City is in the D0 drought level, or abnormally dry, but that level is not an official drought level.
The drought levels start at D1, which is a moderate drought.
With the heavy rain expected on Friday, it will like take a big bite out of whatever is left of the drought.
Will this rain Friday completely remove the drought?
Likely not, but it will likely drop the D2 severe drought level in eastern Oklahoma down a notch to the next level.
Remember, droughts are typically slow to build and slow to die, they just don’t dissolve overnight.
May and June are typically the two wettest months of the year, or the true wet season.
Even more good news, droughts are directly related to extreme heat during the summers in Oklahoma.
If Oklahoma goes into June with an extreme drought, typically we expect very hot conditions, or high chances of above-average temperatures.

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