One family’s struggle to conserve water in dire Cape Town drought

But the prospect of "Day Zero" — the day when the South African city runs out of water — is a whole new reality.
Liesel James is busy collecting what the family calls "gray water" from around her house.
“I’ll collect this and put it down the toilet, or take it out to the garden for the plants," she said.
"But we have to make sure we only use organic cleaning products so we don’t pour chemicals on the food we are trying to grow.” This story is part of an upcoming “Nightline” report.
“I think I’ll sell it.” Watch the full story on ABC News’ "Nightline" TONIGHT at 12:35 a.m.
“I don’t think enough people are doing this,” says Liesel.
“Maybe people really need the pressure to make them think outside of the box.” With nearly 4 million residents, Cape Town is South Africa’s second-most populous city.
Each person is allowed to use only 50 liters (13.2 gallons) per person per day from their taps.
“South Africa is probably one of the most unequal countries in the world,” Kevin says.
I liken it a lot of the time to how people must feel when there’s imminent war.

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