Ontario Increases Water-Taking Permit Price For Bottled Water Companies

Ontario Increases Water-Taking Permit Price For Bottled Water Companies.
Starting Aug. 1, water bottlers will pay $503.71 for every million litres of groundwater taken, compared to the previous fee of $3.71, according to a government press release issued Thursday.
"This increased fee, along with the other measures we’ve taken, will help increase groundwater protection and scientific understanding of how to best manage this vital resource,” Murray said in the release.
"To properly sustain the resource, everybody has to be involved."
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About two-thirds of Ontarians wanted the province to sell the well back to the township, according to a December 2016 poll conducted by the Council of Canadians.
However, the bottled water association said 70 per cent of Ontarians consume bottled water.
"Charging roughly one penny per case of bottled water will do nothing to protect vulnerable groundwater," Calzavara told CBC News.
The price increase amounts to 0.05 cents per litre of water taken.

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