Ottawa funds clean water project for Enoch Cree Nation

Ottawa funds clean water project for Enoch Cree Nation.
It’s been years since Enoch Cree Nation has had safe drinking water running from its taps.
Because of this, the First Nation community has had to rely on potable water brought in from neighbouring communities.
But now, the wait is over.
The $12.5-million project is part of the federal government’s plan to provide First Nations communities across the country with access to safe, clean drinking water.
At Enoch, it will include the construction of a new water supply line, water reservoir and pump house for the local First Nation.
“Working in partnership with Enoch Cree Nation, our government is supporting sustainable solutions to address water infrastructure on-reserve while ensuring water system operators have the training they need to succeed.” Morin is pleased by what the project will mean for the community — both in the daily life of residents and from a business perspective.
Committing investments over five years allows for long-term planning to improve on-reserve water and wastewater systems.
In November 2015, there were 77 long-term drinking water advisories affecting public systems on reserves funded by Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada.
As of January 2017, there were 71.

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