Outrage over Chinese bottled water at the Australian Open

The premier Aussie sporting event has come under fire for distributing Chinese bottled water, and attendees aren’t pleased.
In the scorching heat, fans have little to no choice but to purchase the product to quench their thirst.
After only two days of tennis at the Australian Open, fans have already taken to social media to air their grievances.
Rather than opting for an Australian brand, organisers selected Ganten bottled water, which has been shipped from the Chinese city Shenzhen, A Current Affair reports.
Watch the clip above to view the full story.
It’s no secret that China is not known for their pure spring water.
It’s a country suffering from pollution and half their population has little to no access to clean and safe drinking water.
The consensus at the Aussie Open is that this is an unpatriotic and profit making scheme that isn’t in the real spirit of the tournament.
It is a truly global event.
“Ganten water is a premium brand that is associated with other major tennis and sporting events, including Juventus FC,” the statement said.

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