Parts of Virginia now in severe drought

Parts of Virginia now in severe drought.
RICHMOND, Va. — While precipitation in January of this year was about an inch above normal, the period since then has been fairly dry.
Rainfall deficits have been a bit worse across northern Virginia.
These parts of the state did not end 2016 with a large surplus of precipitation.
Areas well northwest of Richmond have been placed into the moderate drought category, and locations near Washington, D.C. are now in a severe drought status.
Here are the current deficits:
-0.78″ March -1.58″ This Year -2.05″ February
-0.67″ March -2.67″ This Year -1.94″ February -8.05″ Last Year It does appear that we will see a more active pattern over the next week, and this should provide some opportunities for rain and snow.
The heavy rainfall in California has eliminated a large portion of their drought.
That state spent a long period of time in the exceptional drought category.

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