People on Lake Margrethe respond to news of chemicals in water

CRAWFORD COUNTY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) — Tests show there could be dangerous chemicals in Lake Margrethe, near Grayling.
Some people who live on the lake are very concerned and have switched to only drinking bottled water.
Officials are now saying there could be potentially dangerous chemicals in the foam that forms on the Lake’s surface.
“It’s a big concern," said Allie Hart.
"The lake is one of the reasons why we moved right here, so it’s a little alarming going out in the lake and seeing foam and wondering is it the PFC foam or is it the natural foam.” PFC’s are the chemicals that were found in areas close to Camp Grayling last spring.
What we’re saying is, if you see the foam and you’re out there with your kids or your dog, just keep them out of the foam," said Kory Groetsch from the Department of Health and Human Services.
Officials told a packed room of Grayling area residents Monday night that there’s no sign of chemicals in the lake getting into drinking water, some residents are waiting to get their wells tested.
“It’s alarming to think that its something in your water that you’ve been consuming," Hart said.
"We have a three-month-old baby so that’s kind of alarming that I was drinking it throughout my pregnancy and now have a baby.” State agencies are still working to find out exactly how far the contamination goes, and are still recommending people in certain areas around Camp Grayling use filtered or bottled water until they have more information.
The Governor’s office has created a response team, pulling together multiple state, local and federal groups to investigate this issues.

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