Peru President: Access to water essential (Full story)

originally posted on August 22, 2016


14:14. Lima, Aug. 22. It is “absolutely essential” for all Peruvians to have access to quality drinking water services, President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski expressed on Monday.

“Total access to clean drinking water and treated sewage facilities is essential to all Peruvians,” the Head of State declared.
Thus, Mr. Kuczynski is confident such objective will be achieved within seven years.
He noted the country lacks access to drinking water and public health associated with said resource. According to the President, people must understand that those with access to water pay less than others who do not get it directly.
“Although there is a subsidy, we need to get the population to pay for their water fees. Water rates need to be reasonable, and we are not paying for water itself, but for piping, filters. Someone has to bring it into your home […],” he added.
Likewise, the President warned about global water crisis and the need to save this valuable resource.
“In Peru, we need to raise awareness regarding water company losses due to leaking and non-payment, which stands at 50%. Increasing rates when half the water fees are not being charged or is wasted is not the solution,” Mr. Kuczynski explained.
Good Payer Bonus
In this sense, he proposed extending the “good payer bonus” to water services. Such initiative was previously implemented in mortgage and electricity sectors.
Said bonus would be aimed at reducing losses, considering a 15%-20% discount to those paying their water bills by the 30th day of every month.
To solve conflicts, he added, local participation at a company level, as well as national and international standards are needed.
“The secret lies in combining these things,” he expressed.
Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski and Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Chairman Luis Alberto Moreno participated in Hidroperu (HydroPeru) 2030 forum in Lima on Monday morning.
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