Philippines Partners Celebrate World Water Day

Philippines Partners Celebrate World Water Day.
Partners in the Philippines celebrate World Water Day with us.
TSKI branches throughout Philippines conducted activities for TSKI staff and clients to bring the campaign theme to life.
TSKI also circulated informational material to its branch offices on wastewater management and tips for conserving water at home.
Staff members also gave talks highlighting the importance of water conservation and proper water management with client households and the local community members.
TSPI World Water Day Celebration TSPI celebrated their first World Water Day this year by hosting three interactive activities: a social media awareness campaign led by branch staff, a slogan contest, and a poster contest.
Building off of UN’s 2017 World Water Day theme “Why wastewater?” staff members were encouraged to share their ideas on reusing wastewater on Facebook with the hashtag #WhyWastewater, and develop slogans and artwork posters to help bring the 2017 theme to life.
CEVI Joins World Water Day Celebrations Community Economic Ventures, Inc. (CEVI), based in the Philippines, joined the World Water Day Celebration by having a quick tour at Bohol Water Utilities, Inc. (BWUI).
To participate this year’s theme, CEVI staff went meatless for a day as their way of reducing wastewater.
Studies found that growing and consuming meat products require more water compared to grains and vegetables.

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