Photos Of Somalia: The Drought, The People, The Captured Porcupine

The People Will Be Next."
There was a drought in parts of the country last year, and what we’re seeing this year is far, far worse.
Somalis have traditionally been incredibly resilient at coping in a harsh environment where there’s maybe only a few inches of rainfall each year.
We met Somalis all over the country who were impacted, where this is transforming people’s lives right now.
So this project has focused on how climate change and environmental degradation are fueling migration.
And you know there’s very little understanding of how the environment plays into the [high] levels of migration that we see in Somalia.
But as I was getting closer to Mareero I started seeing people walking through this really dry, stark landscape.
That’s really telling because you know Yemen is not a place that I view as secure or where I would want to go.
I want to ask about your own security doing this reporting.
For you as an American who’s spent quite a bit of time there, what comes to mind when you think about Somalia?

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