Planting gorgeous gardens for drought

Planting gorgeous gardens for drought.
So what’s a gardener to do?
From Tesselaar Plants we get a few suggestions: • Go mulch: If you’ve not mulched before, this might be the summer you decide to join the many fans of mulch.
Mulch makes a big difference in the way a garden looks in the hot and dry.
When watering the garden, it stops the soil from drying out before the plants can make good use of the moisture.
Easy to install, they run across the soil surface, delivering water directly to roots.
• The right plants: There’s nothing like a drought to make us take stock of what’s growing – or trying to survive – in our garden.
Drought does make honest gardeners of us all.
Flower carpet roses are another drought-tolerant option and they come in a rainbow selection of shades.
• Summing it up: During a drought we can still fill our gardens with gorgeous, flowering plants as long as we mulch, irrigate efficiently and above all, select the right plants.

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