Polk County officials: Drought may lead to water restrictions

@ledgercity BARTOW — Polk County officials on Monday urged residents in Southwest Polk County to stick to watering their lawns no more than twice a week after its 3,400 customers used twice as much reclaimed water last week in the drought-stricken area as the previous one.
“If we don’t get rain and don’t get compliance voluntarily, we may have to go to mandatory one-day-per-week watering,” County Manager Jim Freeman said during an agenda study.
“We’re trying to get rid of this water normally,” Craig said.
Subdivisions affected include Christina, Hallam Preserve and ImperiaLakes.
Craig said county officials have contacted bulk users, such as homeowner associations and golf courses at Eaglebrooke and ImperiaLakes.
Officials from the two courses could not be reached for comment.
If water restrictions occur, then residents and businesses could be fined if they break the watering rules.
Commissioner John Hall asked who was responsible for enforcement.
Craig said code-enforcement officers typically patrol the area.
The shortage was augmented by potable water.

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