Popular drought-resistant plants in short supply

Popular drought-resistant plants in short supply.
Have you been searching for a particular tree or shrub this year and just can’t seem to find it anywhere?
Local nurseries and growers are scrambling to keep up, but demand — especially for specific cultivars — has caused an extreme shortage of many sought-after plants.
With most of the drought water restrictions now removed, people are rushing to replace the plants they lost in the drought.
Many people also took advantage of rebates and took out all or part of their lawns.
To qualify for a rebate from the state or local water providers, the lawn had to be replaced with plants from an approved list.
There are salvias in every size and color, and even one for deep shade.
“Most people apply too little water, way too often,” Calhoun says.
A good rule of thumb, she says, is to apply twice the container size of water once a week.
Curtis Ferris, general manager at Soquel Nursery Growers in Soquel, says the drought has actually been good for for growers and consumers.

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