Prep for the Northeast drought hangover

Warmer, drier winter raises concern over lingering drought impact on Northeast’s 2017 growing season.
Days and days of clear winter skies, much warmer-than-normal winter temperatures and scant snowpack accumulation do not bode well for the coming Northeast growing season – especially with drought conditions impacting parts of the region for nearly two years.
That’s the bottom-line summary of data from the U.S. Drought Monitor as of early March.
But will that drought pattern continue to hang over the Northeast this year?
Only time will tell.
“But much warmer-than-normal temperatures rapidly melted a significant amount of New England snowpack.
That deadline is March 15 for corn, soybeans and other spring-planted crops.
• Weigh reducing corn populations to reduce plant moisture stress on more drought-susceptible soils.
• Consider planting soybeans; yes, even in New England.
The best advice is saved for last: Talk with the smartest crop consultant you know about reducing your crop risks.

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