Prepare in a Year: March – Water Storage

While specialized barrels to store large amounts of water and tools to maintain water purity are available for purchase, it is not the only method in which you can store water.
Water can be stored in screw-top plastic bottles, such as a two-liter soda bottle, which are less likely to break or leak.
Bottled water may also be purchased and used for storage.
Before using water from these sources, it will be necessary to sanitize this water.
Portable water filters can also be used.
Sanitizing water by using bleach For each gallon of filtered water, add eight drops of unscented chlorine bleach and allow it to stand for 30 minutes.
Remember, boiling water and using bleach will kill most viruses and bacteria but it will not remove metals, salts or chemicals, so the water may still have a funny taste.
Hidden sources of water in your home Turning off the main water valve does two things: It prevents contaminated water from entering the lines in a home, and it keeps gravity from draining water out of the home’s lines if there is a break in an outside pipe.
Attach a short hose to the valve at the bottom of the tank to assist with draining.
Learn how at: Water standing in the pipes of a house is also available for use.

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