Private well-owners near Fairchild still drinking bottled water, searching for answers

FAIRCHILD AIR FORCE BASE, Wash. – Some residents are frustrated over the lack of answers about the water contamination in Airway Heights.
Julie Dibble says when she found out about the chemicals PFOS and PFOA in her water, she trusted that Fairchild Air Force Base would get it cleared up quickly.
She says initially she wasn’t even mad.
But now almost a year since the base first found out its own water supply was contaminated with the pair of chemicals, and almost seven since it tested private wells around them, her patience has worn thin and she’s not happy.
But after months of her family getting its water supply delivered in jugs courtesy of the Air Force, she says she’s had enough.
"I feel like we are numbers on a map," she said.
Her home is within eyesight of the base and last time her well was tested it was 65 times the health advisory.
She said their plan for the property had to been to grow a garden and raise chickens and other animals.
Meantime she says they have a flock of 20 chickens who’s eggs the can’t eat.
"I would just like to know why it is taking so long, and why nothing was done sooner," said Callender.

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