Proposed Bill Would Expand Michigan’s Deposit Law To Included Bottled Water

FARMINGTON HILLS (WWJ) – Michigan lawmakers may expand the state’s bottle deposit law to include any beverage packaged in metal, plastic, or glass — with the exception of milk.
This would include bottled water — with the goal to increase recycling in Michigan.
Currently, Michiganders can get 10 cents back per item when they return empty soft drink, beer or carbonated water containers to their local grocery store.
Would this change be something local residents want?
“(It’s) absolutely a good thing…because it would encourage people to drink more water,” said Iva Betts, who was returning cans and bottles at the Kroger store on Middlebelt in Farmington Hills on Monday.
Bingham Farms resident Kim Presley agreed it would be “awesome.” “Because you drink a lot of water and they just go to waste once you get through with them,” she added.
“I’d probably have $100 by now, within two weeks.” On the other side of the argument is Dawn Mitchell, who — while returning cans at Kroger — told WWJ’s Jason Scott the change would be an inconvenience for her.
“It’s gonna hold people up,” Mitchel said.
“It’s going to make the time at the grocery store longer; especially when you want to get in and out, it’s not going to be a guarantee.” This proposal comes after Gov.
The legislation is currently in the committee stage.

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