Proposed changes to the drought contingency plan

The City Council is getting a briefing Tuesday on proposed change to our drought contingency plan.
Under our current drought plan, we are always in Stage 1 restrictions.
The plan presented to the City Council would drop the Stage 1 threshold to 50%.
As for Stage 2 restrictions, right now that kicks in if lake totals drop below 80%.
Those measures include restrictions like watering once a week.
The new plan would allow Stage 2 to kick in at 40% lake levels.
With combined lake levels at 53.4%, under the new plan, we would not be in a drought stage.
But the city would ask residents to not water between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm.
The biggest thing right now is getting the water circulating.
We don’t want it to sit in the pipes and get old," said Clarence Wittwer, City Water Department Director.

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