Proposed EPA cuts would put our safe water at risk

Proposed EPA cuts would put our safe water at risk.
The proposed budget by the Trump administration for the year 2018 is about on par with that of last year, at about $4.1 trillion.
However, many departments are expected to suffer from extreme cuts.
This would be a budget decrease of 31.4 percent and lead to a loss of 15,000 jobs, which accounts for about a quarter of all jobs at the EPA.
The cuts within the agency include decreases to grants that help states monitor public water systems.
It is proposed that these grants be cut by one-third, from $102 million to $71 million.
This could be dangerous for Americans because unsafe levels of lead have turned up in the tap water of many cities, besides just Flint Michigan.
These grants, including such grants as the Public Water System Supervision Grant, have been crucial in ensuring that communities in the United States have access to clean drinking water.
In the United States, we are privileged for the access that we have to clean water.
These extreme cuts to the budget of the EPA threaten our access and rights to safe, clean water.

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