PWSA customers frustrated with water main repair delays

originally posted on December 29, 2016


This month alone, the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority has made 58 repairs to water mains. Because the PWSA’s infrastructure is aging, leaks and breaks are common this time of year.
Frustrated homeowners have called Channel 11, saying work is not getting done fast enough. We took their concerns to the PWSA to find out how the agency prioritizes all the work.
“We go to the biggest one or the one producing the most water and ice, repair that and go to the next one,” said John Leckie, a PWSA Field Operations foreman.
Ken Sabolovic lives around the corner from Ivory Avenue in Spring Hill where there’s a lower priority leak in a water main. He said he’s been going on for a month, and he’s worried it will soon turn to the road into a sheet of ice.
“It just makes me mad with everything you pay in taxes,” Sabolovic said. “We’re paying our water bills and taking care of everything we’re supposed to take care of and they still let stuff go.”
A growing list of higher priority leaks has pushed the Ivory Avenue project back. It’s a frustration Leckie understands as his crews spend their winter days moving from one project to another.
“We’re doing the best we can with what we have to work with,” Leckie said. “Our main goal is to fix the leak and get your water turned back on.”
A spokesman for the PWSA said the Ivory Avenue repair is schedule to begin early next week.
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