Quenching world thirst

We can and should solve water poverty.
During the California drought, every American suffered from lack of water.
In countries with water poverty, what is the use of education for those dying of thirst?
Should we solve education, disease, famine or water poverty first?
The facts are that no problem of world poverty can be solved until we resolve the fundamental problem.
Despite this great news, we must end the water poverty crisis.
With a trickle of effort and a drop of money, we can save millions from suffering and death.
I am not suggesting this; we should continue donating as we do, but with a commitment to resolve a problem that can be solved within our lifetimes.
We have in our power the ability to save our world from a problem that it has had since pre-history.
Tell everyone the importance of solving water poverty, just maybe not over a cup of coffee.

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