Quite a contrast: Detroit Lake full after years of drought

Quite a contrast: Detroit Lake full after years of drought.
"I was very impressed of how fast it came up," Dean O’Donnell said.
Salina Hart, Detroit Lake water management chief with the Army Corps of Engineers, says it’s the best levels for the lake since 2009.
It is quite a stark contrast to 2015, when water levels were extremely low — 60 to 120 feet below normal.
Pictures speak louder than words.
The corps says if normal weather patterns continue, Detroit Lake should remain fairly full through summer.
"With all the spring rain that we have had, it came up abruptly… popped up overnight," Kane’s Marina manager Dane Loveberg told KATU.
"Now, we have sunshine, we have a good snow pack to maintain water levels, we’re looking really good."
Things are looking good for the Detroit Lake Fishing Derby scheduled for May 19-21.
O’Donnell says a full lake is good for business and even better for those who get to enjoy it.

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