Rain on Christmas wish-list as drought conditions become critical in outback Queensland

With less than half the average rainfall across many parts of western Queensland this year, rain is top of the Christmas wish-list for most graziers.
Grazier and Blackall Tambo Shire Mayor Andrew Martin said most of the area had been suffering below-average wet seasons before the drought declarations.
"You’ve heard it a million times before — we do need a good general wet season."
Cattle feed dying off While winter rain in 2016 brought plenty of seasonal herbage to the area, it missed out on rain in the summer of 2016, which is the normal wet season.
Charleville grazier Kenton Peart said while the winter herbage was welcome last year, it was not as good as the grass summer rain brought.
It just depletes your bulk if you string those below-average years together."
We’ll have to sell cows and start backing those numbers off.
‘Born optimists’ hope for 2018 rain While the Bureau of Meteorology is giving the area about a 60 per cent chance of exceeding median rainfall, graziers remain optimistic for the wet season.
"Hopefully we get a turnaround in the season and with a bit of luck we get a run of them."
"Maybe they’ll fill in [and produce a good wet season] early in the New Year, hopefully Christmas Day."

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