Ranchers face tough decisions in drought

Ranchers face tough decisions in drought.
(KOTA-TV) – Farmers and ranchers in western South Dakota have the opportunity to cut grass along ditches and roadways, but that will only be a temporary band-aid.
Cool Season Grasses that are found in this part of the state will only grow until the first week of July.
After that time-frame, the grasses will start to decrease in nutrition value.
"We got a little bit of precipitation this winter," said Odden, "and then we went a while without any.
Hot temperatures and windy days are not good right now."
Farmers and ranchers are now facing tough decisions.
"If it were up to me, I would graze them rather than cutting them."
Conservationists are concerned about the wildlife who use those grounds for habitat if the land is opened up too soon.

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