Recent rainfall brings Chattanooga out of a drought

Recent rainfall brings Chattanooga out of a drought.
It was a wet commute for drivers in the Scenic City after nearly an inch of rain fell within 24 hours.
Water swallowed a section of Dayton Boulevard as rain fell during the Monday morning commute.
It was a similar scene on Rossville Boulevard as motorists took their chances and drove through standing water.
We didn’t see any major flooding in our area, but meteorologists said we have seen enough rainfall to bring conditions out of a drought.
"We’ve actually had some pretty decent rainfall, as a matter of a fact, we are 4-4.5 inches above the rainfall for the year," Channel 3 Meteorologist David Karnes said.
10.5 inches of rain fell in April alone, at times, creating localized flooding.
"Another cause is too much rain falls and all the creeks and rivers and streams can’t clear it out fast enough and they start to rise and overflow their banks," he added.
But many hope this trend of seeing more rain continues as we head into the summer and helps keep wildfires like we saw last year from happening again.
Records show Chattanooga has gotten about 23 inches of rain so far this year.

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