Recovering pastures after a drought

Recovering pastures after a drought.
A lack of moisture in the fall, along with cooler weather, may negatively impact plant growth and delay root development.
Follow soil test recommendations to apply lime and other recommended nutrients.
Before any fertilizer is applied to bermudagrass or bahiagrass this spring, be sure the pasture has 80 to 90 percent green up.
If root growth needs to be stimulated, focus on adding phosphorus.
To allow plant recovery and root development, limit postgrazing height to 3 inches.
Also, pastures are less able to compete with vigorous weeds, especially annual weeds.
If a pasture has at least one viable plant per square foot, then the pasture will likely recover with appropriate applied nutrients and grazing management.
Pastures with less than 30 percent stand loss should recover quickly with strategic fertility, weed control, and grazing management.
Stands with over 60 percent loss may require renovation or long rest periods, which may be nine months to a year under favorable weather conditions, for full recovery.

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