Reports say drought returning to county, state

Drought is returning to Walker County, as well as much of the western border areas of the Alabama, and one weather official said the state’s rainfall totals could worsen this winter under La Niña conditions.
A number of areas are also falling in the second-lowest level of drought, moderate drought, including all of Pickens and Sumter counties, as portions of Lamar, Fayette, Tuscaloosa, Pickens, Greene, Hale and Choctaw counties.
The southeastern section of the state, affecting five counties, also shows abnormally dry or moderate drought conditions.
Five counties on the north border of the state are also showing abnormally dry conditions.
In all, about 9 percent of the state was in moderate drought on Nov. 21, while about 26 percent of the state was showing either abnormal or moderate conditions, affecting nearly 200,000 people in the state.
The conditions are concerning when one recalls an epic drought that lasted for months in the state, which only became drought free in June.
In November 2016, most of Alabama was in at least extreme drought conditions, which is the second worst stage.
At the start of the calendar year 2017, almost 90 percent of the state was in at least severe drought, half of it had reached at least extreme drought, and 19 percent had been in the worst stage, exceptional drought.
Moderate drought conditions may soon move eastward, going deeper into Fayette and Tuscaloosa counties.
McNeil said not much rainfall is expected to help with the situation this week in the area.

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