Residents want answers after waking up without water in apartment building

The residents don’t want to wait for their water anymore.
"It’s been off since 8 a.m. and it’s still off," resident Tyrone Bowman said.
Bowman says he started yet another day without the simple option of turning on his faucet for fresh water.
He says City View Towers is full of senior citizens, many of them are amputees or wheelchair bound, who get around with a walker or have more serious health issues.
Many residents say they’ve been told to just buy bottled water until the issue is fixed.
They say that’s not going to cut it.
Some residents are putting water bottles in the microwave, and that seems to alleviate the problem.
Aretha Johnson says the building is working to fix the problem.
"I know about putting the pot on the stove and getting some hot water," Johnson said.
If you have no water, however, you can’t put a pot of water on the stove.

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