Residents want Hope Valley Reservoir open to the public

RESIDENTS have started a campaign for the land around Hope Valley Reservoir to be opened for walkers and picnickers, fuelling a political debate that has divided the major parties ahead of the March state election.
Stephen Ross, who has lived in the area for about 20 years, said it was time for the State Government to open the gates to the reservoir.
More than 300 people have backed his call by joining a new Facebook page called “Hope Valley Reservoir — Time to open the gates”.
“It would be nice to go for a walk along the reservoir,” Mr Ross said.
Water Minister Ian Hunter this week said there had never been any official open access to Hope Valley Reservoir, and the government was opposed to changing its policy because it posed a risk to the security of safe, clean and affordable water.
He hit out at a Liberal Party promise to open the reservoir if elected in March.
“Will the Liberals fund this policy by raising SA Water bills?” Liberal candidate for Newland Richard Harvey said opening up the reservoir would allow residents to fish, kayak, cycle, hike, paddle-board or swim in it.
Newland Labor MP Tom Kenyon said the reservoir flowed directly into SA Water pipes and “we absolutely do not want any contamination there”.
The CSIRO declined to comment when asked by the NorthEastern Weekly if opening the reservoir would have the potential to contaminate water.
Reservoirs at the Barossa Valley, Mt Bold and Mt Crawford are open to the public, but Happy Valley, Kangaroo Creek, Little Para, Millbrook and Myponga are all off limits.

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