Samples collected from Acacia Bay, further sampling tomorrow

Samples have been collected from Acacia Bay for testing for toxin-producing algae species, but weather has hampered monitoring work at other sites at Lake TaupÅ today.
Choppy water at five of six sites prevented Waikato Regional Council staff, with the assistance of TaupÅ District Council, from collecting viable samples.
Health warnings issued by the Medical Officer of Health remain in place for Five Mile Bay, Acacia Bay, the main lake front in TaupÅ, Whakaipo Bay, Kinloch Beach and Halletts Bay.
The algae blooms appear to be largely confined to the shorelines in the affected areas, however they may shift depending on water flows and wind.
Significant clumps sometimes break off and float free, collecting on the water’s edge.
On some of the south-eastern beaches there is a bright green lettuce-like algae that is harmless and should be left on the shoreline, because it’s an important part of the ecology of the lake.
On the northern beaches and at Halletts Bay, algae which washes ashore should also be left untouched.
As toxic algae can occur in other areas of the lake at any time, people are advised to make their own visual assessment of areas not included in the health warning.
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