San Juan Bautista City Council hears plan to fix contaminated water

San Juan Bautista City Council members heard an update on the plan to solve the city’s nitrate-contaminated water at Tuesday night’s regular meeting at City Hall.
It is the result of a California Water Resources Board, Division of Drinking Water, citation for failing to meet water well standards for nitrates.
The city, Tewes explained, will reimburse Edenbridge for developing the new well and be credited against its water connection fees.
Tewes said the new wells, while meeting drinking water standards, are not likely to meet secondary standards.
So an iron/manganese treatment system will be needed for both wells No.
The agreement, which must be approved by the City Council, calls for a swap of land.
San Juan Bautista will install well connections to allow Coke to use water from well No.
Will removal of private water softeners be required to meet the standards?
What are the costs to redesign, move, install and operate the pellet plant, and what are the costs to customers to remove private water softeners?
In other actions, the council approved naming Jim West was mayor and John Freeman as vice mayor for 2018.

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