Savia Launched Fundraising Campaign On Kickstarter For Creating Bottled Water From Atmospheric Fountains

The aim of the campaign is to bring bottled atmospheric waters from the newly discovered Ice Atmospheric Fountain.
“Our Savia Atmospheric Waters is a project designed to bring to you, the purest and healthiest atmospheric drinking waters straight from the ice atmospheric fountain that was discovered recently, says the spokesperson for Savia.
We are also committed to the continued development of new winter-based atmospheric fountains which involves harvesting waters even when the temperature goes below freezing.” The Kickstarter campaign by Savia has been launched for providing nearly 100% coverage from summer through winter from the glass fountains which includes the Solid Fountains that were discovered in 2014, Ice Fountains discovered in 2014, and Winter Fountains discovered in 2016.
Atmospheric fountains have emerged as popular drinking water resources in which drinking waters are harvested right from the air around us naturally, using ice.
Savia boasts of having discovered the process of making ice work atmospherically which is a fully natural process.
Savia is working on the process of producing bottled water from the three newly-discovered atmospheric fountains.
Savia aims to tap the three atmospheric fountains and create the technology needed to run these fountains atmospherically without using electricity.
They aim to meet the demand for pure and clean drinking water by creating the technology that can be used to tap water from these resources naturally and without using electricity at all.
The world at large is looking at a water crisis in the near future.
There is an urgent need to create access to reliable and safe drinking water.

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