SAZ sounds warning on bottled water

Patrick Chitumba, Midlands Bureau Chief THE Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ) has warned consumers against buying bottled water without a seal of approval by the standards body.
With the proliferation of water bottling enterprises on the market, SAZ acting director general Mr Cyril Siringwani said uncertainty has gripped many consumers as to which brands were safe to drink.
He said an absence of a seal and a SAZ certification would be an indicator that the company was not registered and could be selling untested water.
SAZ operates a voluntary Product Mark Certification Scheme where products are certified as assurance to consumers that they meet the requirements of the applicable standards and will therefore perform as required.
“Any water that is fit for human consumption should have a seal and a SAZ approval mark.
If it doesn’t have that, consumers should be careful,” said Mr Siringwani.
“There is unsafe bottled water, which has not been tested by SAZ on the market.
So a seal makes it easy for consumers to see if the bottle has been tampered with.” Mr Siringwani reiterated that certification was a voluntary process adding that not all companies have come for the process.
SAZ issues a three-year valid certificate to a water bottling company that would have registered with the Ministry of Health and Child Care, and have had their water samples tested by SAZ-accredited laboratories, and on-site verification of the entire production process.
The Government, however, did not name the brands fit for consumption.

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