SGMA IMPLEMENTATION: Sharing Groundwater: A Robust Framework and Implementation Roadmap for Sustainable Groundwater Management in California

“What you have now is a system which doesn’t work very well,” he said.
You know this is the way you manage things of value.
Why don’t you have that system for water?
You give all the people shares; the shares will be in perpetuity and you all understand there will be no more shares, and water will be allocated in proportion to the number of shares you have to your water account.
Why don’t you do it in water?
“The rule is simple; if you have a share, you must have a water account.
You need water accounting systems that have integrity because they are simple and easy to explain.” With respect to water rights, Mr. Young said that there are two ways of doing it.
But will it do with the water that it doesn’t need?
And these are really important things.
At least part of the detail that needs to be in there.” “Ultimately you need a system that says if you don’t make good within 30 days and after lots of warning, the watermaster has to go into the water market and make good for you, and we have a simple rule that says we charge you two and sometimes three times the cost of doing that, and guess what.

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