Shorewood issues precautionary boil, bottled drinking water advisory

Autoplay:XShorewood issues precautionary boil- bottled drinking water advisoryx SHOREWOOD — The Village of Shorewood Department of Public Works issued a precautionary boil advisory Tuesday after residents noticed little to no water pressure.
"Some of that impacted the delivery of water into our system, it impacted those pressures so the pressure dropped and that’s what triggered this," Butschlick said.
UW-Milwaukee campus officials put signs on bathrooms asking faculty and students to use bathrooms on lower floors where the water pressure was stronger.
Workers at Lake Bluff Dental in Shorewood also took extra precaution.
"I did go to the Metro Market up the street and bought distilled water," said lab technician Laury Veksler.
"We quickly swapped everything out and made sure patients weren’t ingesting or touching it."
Butschlick said the village will send water samples to a lab for testing, "Labs generally take 18 to 24 hours to process those types of samples so we expect to have an answer about Thursday morning hopefully," she said.
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