Should bottled water be given free of charge?

Should bottled water be given free of charge?.
If you want bottled water in a restaurant in the US, you will have to pay for it.
It leaves the government facilities just fine, but there are issues with the storage of it.
Whenever I have drunk tap water I have ended up ill. Facilities have a right to charge for bottled water, but if the prices are too high then just don’t go there again; no one is forcing you.
Also, commercial rents and government charges here are through the roof.
As a bank employee, KK and his wife will not be eligible for a salary-transfer loan since they are not allowed to move their salary accounts from the bank they are employed at.
Banks do not give personal loans or consolidation loans to employees of other banks.
He ought to communicate this with the banks that he will not be paying and inform them of the exact date he will make his next instalment.
Name withheld by request Salik system must ease traffic The five Salik gates deduct the maximum toll irrespective of whether one passes through them within one hour or not.
Insurance sector needs attention It may not be true that the cost of car insurance has surged by 40 per cent (UAE car insurance costs increase by up to 40%, March 15).

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