So how did the California drought end?

So how did the California drought end?.
We were told that the multi-year California drought was caused by humans, fossil fuels and CO2.
After all in 2015, this was the standard reportage.
Here’s an example from a no doubt solemnly intoned NBC News report: In parched California, rainfall patterns are essentially the same as they were 120 years ago, but humans have made it warmer and that added heat is driving the state’s crippling drought, according to a new study.
Warm temperatures dry out soils and cause precipitation to fall as rain rather than snow, thus reducing annual snowpack essential for irrigation, for example.
What snow does fall then melts earlier in the spring.
Shouldn’t the renowned experts such as Al Gore, Jerry Brown and President Obama answer the question?
The correct answer is that the multi-year drought started and ended the way they always have, cyclically and naturally.
Humans can no more control temperatures, sea levels and storm activity than the can the Earth’s orbit or solar activity itself.
It’s about time the media starts asking questions before the greedy powerful government destroys the economy.

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