Somali Cabinet to Include Drought Disaster Post

Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire unveiled his Cabinet picks Tuesday in Mogadishu.
For the first time in Somalia’s history, several women are among the nominees, including the proposed disaster management minister, Maryan Qasim Ahmed.
Khaire nominated 68 cabinet members in all, many of whom served in previous governments.
Many Somalis were expecting a smaller Cabinet, in keeping with President Mohammed Abdullahi Mohammed’s promise to run an effective administration and cut down on corruption.
"The fact that it is a big cabinet would not meet with the people’s higher expectation from the current leaders,” said Virginia-based Somalia analyst Abdiqafar Abdi Wardhere.
“We were expecting new, trustable faces, and technocrats and people who can lead the nation to the right direction, but the old faces in the Cabinet show otherwise."
Khaire’s nominee for finance minister, economist Abdirahman Duale Beyle, previously served as foreign minister.
To serve as the next foreign minister, Khaire nominated Yusuf Garad Omar, a British-Somali national who was formerly chief of the BBC’s Somali service.
The nominees must be approved by Somalia’s parliament.
Parliament elected President Mohammed, commonly known as Farmajo, to a five-year term last month.

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