Somalia on the brink of total collapse

Somalia on the brink of total collapse.
Every day, more than 3,000 Somalis abandon their homes in search of food and water.
With no rain in sight, the crisis only stands to get worse.
The UN is seeking $863 million in emergency humanitarian aid for Somalia, where catastrophic drought has put the country on the brink of mass starvation and total collapse.
The country is just recovering from its most recent drought in 2011 that killed 260,000 people in southern and central Somalia.
But this time, aid experts worry the death toll could be far higher, as drought is impacting the whole country.
Parents have been forced to make a heartbreaking decision: watch their children die of dehydration or give them contaminated water, which has ignited the spread of waterborne diseases.
And with only two malnutrition clinics in the state, hundreds of miles apart, the majority of families can’t make the distance.
Gianna Toboni met the people most affected from the country’s drought.
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