Somalia: Puntland region hit by severe drought

Somalia: Puntland region hit by severe drought.
Over 75 families most of them pastoralists live here.
Almost 1.4 million children suffering from severe malnutrition could die this year from famine in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen, the UN children’s agency has warned.
These families were displaced after most of them lost all their animals to the current drought.
"At this moment what we need most is water and food.
Over six million Somali’s, about 50 percent of the country’s population, have been affected by the current drought.
At the Garowe General Hospital Stabilization Center operated by Save the Children International, an eight-month-old girl – Habiba – has been admitted with acute malnutrition.
People are dying from avoidable conditions like dehydration and malnutrition," he said.
This has led to thousands of people migrating to secure areas and some living in IDP camps.
The only education they get in IDP camps is the informal Islamic teaching -Madrassa Humanitarian organizations are operating in a tense environment forcing more people from insecure zones to migrate to where aid is available.

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