Somalia’s Drought Once Again Has Thousands on the Move

Somalia’s Drought Once Again Has Thousands on the Move.
We have nothing to survive, and I don’t know how long he will survive," Muse said of her son.
With no food at the camp and no money for transport, Muse is preparing another day’s hike to the capital, Mogadishu, to help her son.
He survived the 2011 drought that killed roughly a quarter of a million people in Somalia and she is desperate to save him again.
Somalia’s current drought is threatening half of the country’s population, or about 6 million people, according to the United Nations.
Drought-stricken families are on the move, trying to reach points where international aid agencies are distributing food.
Some are moving to urban areas, others into neighboring countries.
Each day, dozens of new arrivals come into this camp.
He barely sleeps and when he does he has nightmares since his wife died of hunger on the trek to the camp.
"I had no other option but to leave," Salah said, carrying one of his children near his newly erected hut.

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