Some Leechburg Residents Without Water As Crews Fix Multiple Main Breaks

LEECHBURG (KDKA) — For people in Banfield section of Leechburg, it’s not only been cold, but it’s been very dry as well.
“It feels like I’m back in the Stone Age, not having any water to do anything,” said resident Doug McLaughlin.
A water main ruptured somewhere under Banfield Road, one of many breaks in the area.
“There was break up on First Street in Leechburg, by the school, and it’s apparently spread out,” said McLaughlin.
Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County crews used jackhammers to loosen gravel and dirt frozen to concrete.
A few feet down, they what they were looking for.
It took 45 minutes, but they located the most recent leak.
As they were working on the repair, two more calls about water main breaks in the county came in.
“I assume they’re getting to the root of the problem, and they’ll fix it and they’ll roll on,” said resident John Conto.
“We have water for drinking purposes and what not, and we can cook with it,” said Conto.

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