Some residents still dealing with brown water after MLGW pumping station issue

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Some residents in downtown and midtown Memphis are still dealing with brown and yellow water coming out of their faucets.
Pranav Chopra lives at The Renaissance is downtown Memphis.
"It’s only hot water too.
But if I turn on the hot water and get it in a bowl you see the water turn brown," he said.
MLGW sent us a statement saying, "brown, rusty water occurs from sediment in the pipes or rust from the inside walls of water mains.
The rust or the iron can be disturbed and temporarily suspending in water with unusual water flows from water mains or by flushing a hydrant."
"I washed here the other day and all my whites and my basketball jersey came out with brown stains," Chopra said.
"If it’s a city thing, then yeah we have to fix that.
MLGW says it’s unclear how many customers were affected, but apparently the water is safe to drink.
If your water doesn’t clear up, contact the Customer Care Center.

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