Spending bill includes money for Klamath drought relief

Oregon’s U.S. Sens.
“As we look ahead to a difficult summer of drought, I know that the Klamath community is doing the hard work on the ground to build a better future,” Merkley said.
“The resources in this bill will help Klamath families through the summer, as well as support long-term planning and habitat restoration.
"I greatly appreciate the tremendous work Congressman Walden did on the House side to achieve this result.
I will continue to do everything I can to assist the Klamath community through these challenging times.” Wells, idling land Sources say that the money could total $10 million and be used to help irrigators improve wells needed for groundwater to balance out irrigation water taken from rivers and streams.
It could also compensate farmers for idling cropland.
This is an important continuation of an ongoing effort to bring certainty to the Basin.” “This plan will provide immediate drought relief for irrigators in the Klamath Basin, helping our farmers survive this challenging water year,” Walden said.
I look forward to continue working with the local community, my Oregon colleagues in Congress, and the Administration to accomplish that.” Drought Relief Act The 2018 spending bill released yesterday includes a reauthorization of the Reclamation States Emergency Drought Relief Act, which is expected to give the Bureau of Reclamation the flexibility this summer to help water users within the Klamath Reclamation Project.
In addition, Merkley and Walden have weighed in directly with Bureau of Reclamation leadership and with Speaker Ryan and Leader Schumer to ensure funding reaches the Klamath Basin to cope with drought this summer.
Fish and Wildlife’s fisheries restoration efforts and the Klamath Tribes’ technical capacity for planning for conservation and habitat restoration.

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