State finds lead in water at Tenino schools

The Tenino School District is telling parents that its water tested above the levels deemed acceptable by the EPA.
State testing found lead in the water of 29 drinking fountains and sinks at the district’s middle school and elementary schools How much lead is coming out of which sink or water fountain is on the school’s website, and the district sent a letter to elementary and middle school parents last week, and to Parkland Elementary parents Friday to notify them about the lead.
“Scary because my kids drink that,” said Deanna Hurd, a parent to kids in 6th and 8th grades.
State testing found there’s lead coming out of 23 sinks and six water fountains at the Tenino school district, at levels of 20-parts per billion or more.
That’s a level the EPA calls “action level” for schools, or should be a concern.
The Tenino School District is one of the first schools in Washington to volunteer for the new state-funded testing program, that was approved by the state legislature in 2017.
Middle school principal, John Neal, showed KIRO sinks and faucets impacted.
But the WA Department of Health wants to make clear low levels of lead in water is not likely to cause lead poisoning.
We don’t think the water in the school is going to cause lead poisoning,” Jenks said.
The Department of Health is commending the Tenino School District, saying it’s doing everything right and encourages other districts to also get tested.

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