State ‘talking about’ ending Flint bottled water distribution, mayor says

FLINT, MI — State officials are talking about cutting off funding for bottled water distribution in Flint by summer, Mayor Karen Weaver says.
Weaver said the city has been represented in meetings where bottled water distribution has been discussed and representatives of state government have "been talking about (continuing) through maybe September."
The groups sued the city and state, seeking home delivery of bottled water, and in December, a federal judge appointed a "settlement master" to mediate after an attorney for Snyder requested it.
Heaton said all parties involved in the lawsuit have been prohibited from discussing the subjects of mediation by U.S. District Court Judge David M. Lawson.
A federal judge has appointed a "settlement master" to mediate a Flint water crisis lawsuit after an attorney for Gov.
Rick Snyder requested it.
The 90th percentile lead value of water samples collected from high-risk homes in Flint from July 1 until Dec. 31 was 12 parts per billion, less than the 15 ppb action level for lead, according to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.
When additional home tests were added to the results from the same period, the 90th percentile value of samples registered at 8 ppb.
But as recently as the first six months of last year, lead levels in the city exceeded the federal action limit, registering a 90th percentile value of 20 ppb.
Some Flint officials have said they are concerned by the potential for lead releases as the city embarks on a massive public works project this summer — the replacement of thousands of lead service lines in Flint.

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